Join us as we gather, walk and heal together on
Saturday, October 13 9 a.m.
Mill Park, 32 Northern Avenue, Augusta

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny” C.S. Lewis

Hardships and strength have brought our Walk for Hope community together. We didn’t ask to be invited on the cancer journey, but we are here, rallying together for hope, strength and camaraderie.

The Walk for Hope is just that: filled with hope. We cheer on our survivors and fighters for another year through treatment, or another year of survivorship. We carry our message of hope through the day as we gather with friends, family, co-workers and co-survivors who have been with us through this journey.

We will show our strength in support: hundreds gathering together and walking through downtown Augusta in unity. In that unity we find camaraderie with others who know the extraordinary path we travel.

A walk is nothing without walkers. We need you. We need you to walk, to cheer, to support your fellow community members going through cancer treatment. We need you to join us in remembering those we have lost. We need you to celebrate those who have made it through. Whether you’re a team captain, a walker or someone who supports one, the impact we show as a collective group is powerful. The impact we have with our fundraising dollars to the Harold Alfond Center for Cancer Care is tangible for the community members we help. Your steps and the dollars given shout to our loved ones and friends facing this battle, “You are not alone in this!” Everyone needs that reminder from time to time.

Join us with your presence, your team and your donation. When we hit the pavement on Saturday, October 13, we hope to send a BIG message of love and support to ALL those battling cancer — to survivors and fighters as well as to the families of those who have lost the battle — to let them know we are together and we remember.